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Reference Guide BUZ PEOPLE Synchronization


Most webCommunicator customers update their web site member database from files generated from their back office system. Buz webCommunicator provides assistance and tools to facilitate these uploads.

Most customers encourage their members to update their personal profiles online. Self-administered member information changes are emailed to the customer. It is the responsibility of the customer to update their back office systems. Unfortunately, due to timing issues the website and back office systems are seldom in synch. This is where webCommunicator comes in. Using this tool you can effortlessly synchronize the systems so that you always have the most relevant information about your members. This should be used as required, if you are confident that your back office system is up-to-date.

We recommend coming here often to check the relevance of your database. You can do this by looking at the information at the top of the page. It will tell you when you last updated your database, and recommend what you should do next.

The different synchronization options are described below:

  • QuikSynch Email: updates the website database with email addresses in the database uploaded from the club. This feature is available to ensure that the email addresses in the club database, including blanks, overwrite all email addresses in the online database.
  • Remove Deleted Users: permanently removes all users from the online database who do not appear in the uploaded database. Users entered manually online, will not be affected. This feature should be used with great care and you should consider consulting Buz technical support before conducting the removal.
  • Synchronize Records: (below checkboxes) updates the online database with fields checked off in the complete list of fields. Blank email addresses will not overwrite email addresses in the online database.