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This is a specialized module for those customers that want to display their golf course information to their website visitors.  In order for this module to be available under 'Web Page Management', there must be a 'Scorecard' page setup in the page manager

If your facility has multiple golf courses, having separate scorecards can give golfers an idea of the setup of each course, its length and its difficulty. This module of Web Page Management allows you to set up the scorecard information for each course at your facility.

Adding a new course is a simple and easy process. Just click on "New Course" in the toolbar. Here you must specify a Course NameNumber of Holes, and enter a brief Description of the course. Press "Add Course" when you are done.

Now you will see the course in the Scorecard list.


Some courses have multiple starting tees on each hole for the more or less experienced golfers. If your course has multiple starting tees, use this tool to organize the tee name/colours as well as the slope ratings.

To begin managing your tees press "Tees" beside your course name in the list of courses. Your list of tees will appear here as soon as you create some. Click "New Tee" in the toolbar to begin adding tees. You will see the following form:

The fields in creating a Tee are pretty straightforward, just remember for the men's slope and rating and the lady's slope and rating to only fill the settings for one gender. Press "Add Tee" to complete the process.


After creating tees, move to the Holes section. Here you will find fields in which to enter hole information like yards and par. If you like you can even add pictures, a description and a pro tip by clicking on the hole number. The list will look like this: