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The text Editor provides a clear and simple user interface. If you are familiar with desktop word processors like Microsoft Word or Open Office Writer, you will quickly see that using an online text editor is just as easy and intuitive.

The editor consists of four main parts:

  • Toolbar (1) — the section at the top of the editor containing grouped menu buttons that give you access to various functions of the editor. 
  • Editing Area (2) — the space below the toolbar where you type your text and add media.
  • Context Menu (3) — a small pop-up menu, visible after a right mouse button click, with shortcuts to most common operations.
  • Dialog Windows — small pop-up windows that appear when you use some of the editor's functions and are opened by clicking the toolbar buttons.

To make writing more convenient, you can also maximize the editor interface. When you press the  Maximize button, the editor will fill the browser window and stretch to its borders. If you want to return to the default view and minimize the editor, press the same button again.