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Reference Guide BUZ MAIL List Templates

List Templates

List Templates

The List Templates page provides a list of all email outlines in the system which can be used to send multiple emails for different purposes, with a uniform appearance to them. This is very useful if you send out a regular email update or newsletter.

To launch the List Templates page, log-in to Admin Home and select List Templates from the section Buz Mail 2.0 on the Outlook Bar.


The action button beside each email in the list allows the you to initiate actions relating to the the email.  Hold your mouse over the action button to view the options available.

Click on the applicable menu item to initiate the function which you desire.  For instructions on each function, see below:

Create Email

This will open the template chosen and allow you to edit and add to it for the specific email you wish to send. The editor that will open is exactly the same as that described under New Email. For information on the toolbar as well as the tabs, please see Buz Mail > New Email in the Reference Guide.


Opens the template as it will appear to the recipient of the email, in a new window. This allows you to ensure that this is the correct template for whatever the purpose of the email is, as well as being able to see ahead of time what needs to be altered for the specific instance of use.


Opens the email editor, but any changes made on this will be applied to the template itself, and will show up every time you use this template. You can also access this Editor by clicking on the name of the template as listed under "Subject". This is useful for changes which are permanent and not specific to one particular email. For instance, this is useful for updating images, contact information, logos etc which should be included in each email, but may change over time.


This will allow you to view the template and confirm if you do wish to delete. If you do not wish to delete, simply click on one of the choices in the Buz Mail 2.0 list. If you do wish to delete the template, click on "delete template". Be careful, once you click on "delete template", you will not have the option to undo the delete.

Note: It is highly recommended to use spell check and re-read your template before saving, as any spelling errors or formatting issues will be applied to all future emails using this template.


This shows the "subject" heading, as chosen when each template was saved. Use the subject you save each template with as a way of facilitating finding the right template. For example, give the newsletter for members of a certain committee within your company the name of that committee and "newsletter". This will make sending out the mass emails in the future just a little bit easier, and will keep your templates organized, as they are automatically filed alphabetically by "Subject" name.

By clicking on the subject name of the template, you can access the Template Editor.

Last Modified

This shows the date that this template was last updated.This is not the last time it was used. This is useful in knowing which templates may need updating. An example of this is if your company has gone through a move, or changed who should be contacted and how, depending on the date of the change you will know to change all templates updated before that date.