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Business Directory Search

A Business Directory Search page displays a searchable business directory, which is filtered by selected business classifications.  This function facilitates the creation of multiple business directories, each serving a distinct and different purpose. 


A member-to-member business directory is an excellent way for your members to promote their businesses to other members, and for members to extend their club relationships to business relationships as well.

A reciprocal club business directory is an excellent way for members to research their club's reciprocal club relationships.

Add a Business Directory Search Page

To add a Business Directory Search page to your website, create a New Page as described in the Reference manual under Buz CMS > Web Page Management > New Page. For "This page will be a: ", select Business Directory/Search.

At New Page - Step3, complete the Additional Options by selecting the design theme and business classifications you want to display on the page.

Next add desired page text, then select Publish Page to complete the page creation.

For instructions on managing a Business Directory, go to Reference Guide  Buz CMS  WEB PAGE MANAGEMENT  Business Directory in the Reference Guide.