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Reference Guide BUZ CMS General Admin

General Admin

General Admin

Site-wide tools to help you define and maintain a healthy and productive web site.


  • Check for Problems: If you use Buz Software or other third-party software to synchronize certain pieces of information, this feature will help you diagnose potential problems.
  • Site Search Tools: Index your website content for faster internal searching.
  • Google Integration: A set of tools to integrate with free applications from Google including sitemaps, analytics and maps.
  • Statistics: A tabulation of page views throughout your website including public traffic and member activity.
  • Currently Online: Find out who is currently on the website. This feature displays both visitor and member activity.
  • Custom Data Files: Upload comma delimited files for viewing on web pages, linking to a specific member, or to synchronize member information.
  • Custom Fields: Customize your people and organization information by defining your own fields.