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Roster Config

The Roster Config page is where you can completely customize where certain information about your members is available to be viewed or edited. Upon entering this area you will see five options above a form. These five options are below:

  • Allow users to produce printer friendly user roster?
  • Use individual user privacy settings?
  • Hide individual spouse records in roster search results?
  • Hide dependent records on member details page?
  • Allow member spouses to view account inquiry?

Note: The last three are only available to Jonas® users.

Below these options is a large form with many check boxes. Use this to customize where certain information is available in your website. For example, if you would like a member's username to appear in a search result, just select the check box beside Username under Results. Following are descriptions for each of the columns:

  • Search Form: These are the fields that are available on the roster search form. For example, if you select First Name, Last Name and Username then users will be able to search these fields from the user database.
  • Result List: These are the fields that will be displayed on the initial result pages.
  • User Details: These are the default settings for the user information you want available to other users. Individual users can also select what information they want available to others.
  • Printer Pages: These are the fields that will be produced on the printer friendly roster pages.
  • Editable Values: These are the fields that users will be able to change/edit through the Update Profile page available to members.

Not all columns are available for all types of information. Also, you may select as many columns as you like in one row so that certain information can be seen in several places. When you are done, just press "Save Roster Configuration" on either the top or the bottom of the page.