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Event Types

The Event Types page allows you to personalize the "types" of events that your organization will be expecting to have. The below listed Types are examples taken from the BuzDemo site:

List Event Types: This is the default menu when you open the Event Types page.

Number: The numbers are given automatically in the listing, as they are organized alphabetically by Event Type name.

Del: Allows you to delete the associated Event Type

Event Type: This is the name of the Event Type that you choose when Adding a new Event Type. 

Clicking on this name will allow you to edit the name of the Event Type. When you are finished editing the name, simply click on "Update Event Type" to save the changes.

Add Event Type: This menu allows you to add a new Event Type.

To add a new Event Type simply enter the new name in the provided text box and select "Add Event Type". When you return to the List Event Types menu it will automatically be added to the list.