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Copy Email

To make a copy of an existing email into a new email, from View mode, click the Copy button on the button bar.  The email will be opened in New Email mode.  Make the necessary changes and save the email.

This is a useful tool if you wish to keep both emails, but they are very similar. By copying the email, you are able to keep all of aspects of the email that you wish without having to replicate the work, and still being able to make changes that may not necessarily be permanent. For example: If there is a meeting, but the place has changed for a short period of time only. In this case, keeping both emails will allow you to send out multiple emails with the temporary address, but also to revert back to the original when you return to the regular meeting address, without having to re-edit the information.

This tool is very similar to using a Template. For more information on Templates see Buz Mail > New Template OR Buz Mail > List Templates in the Reference Guide.

Note: Copying an email will only copy the content, it will not copy the history or the tracking reports, thereby allowing you to have an accurate record of the history and tracking reports of the new, copy email.