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Business Directory

A business directory is a great way to advertise for your members without having to create disruptive banners and pop-ups on your site. In addition, your members will have the opportunity to connect and form business relationships with fellow club members, while having access to services by people they can trust.

To start up a business directory, have your members send you their business information. They can either fill out a form on your website or send you an email for screening, allowing you to maintain control over what is posted on your website. You can also choose to charge a fee for advertising.

Next go to the Business Directory bookmark under Web Page Management in Buz CMS. Here you will notice several links in the toolbar. They will each be described below in order.


Use these fields in the Search bookmark to look for a certain business within your directory:

Simply input the information in the correct fields and press "Search Business".


This bookmark will allow you to customize the appearance of your business directory and control what information is available for members to view.

Just click on the check-boxes to enable an item to show or not show in a certain area.


Categories are useful in organizing your business directory effectively to create easier searching for your members. To add a category, simply input information in the short form found at the top of the 'Categories' bookmark in Business Directory:

  • Icon: Choose an image from your file system to use as an icon for this category.
  • New Category: Enter the new category's name here.
  • Parent: Using the dropdown menu you may choose an existing category for the new one to be under.
  • Associate Custom Fields: Select a set of custom fields to be associated with this category if you wish. See Custom Fields for more information.
  • Add: Press this button to add the category.

You may edit any of your categories at any time by changing the desired fields and pressing "Update".


Classifications are used to group your businesses and categories into an even larger group. When you edit a business directory page, you will be able to select the classifications you want to appear on it in the Options tab.

Upon entering the Classifications bookmark for the first time, you will see this:

Simply input a name into the text field and press "Add Classification" to create a new classification. Create or edit a business and use the Classification drop down menu to select a classification for it to appear under.


This is where you will find all your businesses organized by rank and options to edit or delete them. A filtering system is provided to find a specific business.

Add Listing

Now that you have your general categories set up, you can start adding businesses to appear underneath them. We will now look at the options under Businesses. To add a new business, click on "Add listing".

You can fill out all the relevant information here. Make sure that the form you use to request that members' business information gets you the information you need! That way, the directory will be as complete and as useful as possible.

There are too many fields and options to put an image of them here. Although the different groups of fields and options will be described below:

  • Business Information: Input general business info in these fields.
  • Other Fields: Any custom fields that you create will appear here. See Custom Fields for more information.
  • Business Categories: Choose the categories the business will appear under.

Businesses NOT assigned a category are labelled as inactive businesses (Pending Listings in the main business directory menu) and do not show online to members. Active businesses are all those belonging to one category or more. Clicking on "Pending Listings " on the main Business Directory screen is a quick way for administrators to see who is not in the visible business directory.

Press "Add Business" when complete and your new business will be added.