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Reference Guide BUZ MAIL Email Settings

Email Settings

This area allows you to input the settings for your Email:

Pop Mail Server: This refers to the server on which email is stored. For example: mail.buzsoftware.com, or pop.cogeco.net. The pop server name comes from your email host.

Email User Name: This allows you to input an account which you have created specifically for the receipt of Bounce Emails. For example and account named bounce@hotmail.com. 
Note: Do NOT use an email account that you use to receive emails as Buz will delete all emails in the account automatically when tabulating you Bounce statistics.

Email Password: This is the password, allowing Buz Mail to access your email account. This allows Buz to automatically enter into the account above, retrieve the bounced emails and calculate the statistical data on how many bounced emails you receive. 
Note: Buz automatically deletes these emails each time, so please, as stated above, do not use an account that you use for anything else.

Bounce Email: Bounced emails, or undeliverable emails, normally will come back to the sender's email address. This allows you to redirect these emails to a special mailbox that the Buz system will then process, allowing you to view the most accurate information in the tracking report area. For more information on tracking, see Buz Mail > List Emails > View in the Reference Guide

Port Number: This is the communication port on a computer. Pop servers typically default to port 25, some change this to 110 or something else.

Back Office URL: If you are using our Buz Club Manager software you ahve the ability to connect directly to queries defined in your back office system. Your back office URL is the address where your membership queries are located.

Note: typically this setting needs to involve a Buz support person to set it up for you.

Time Zone : The time zone is useful for scheduled emails only, as it determines the accurate time of a scheduled email based on your local timezone, as indicated.