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List Emails

List Emails

The List Emails page provides a list of all emails in the system and is the starting point for all activities related to the sending and management of broadcast emails.

To launch the List Emails page login to Admin Home and select List Emails from the section Buz Mail 2.0 on the Outlook Bar.


To navigate to pages which perform functions within Buz Mail use the Outlook Bar on the left or the Button Bar on the top of each page.  Each is highlighted in red on the image above.

Filtering the Email List

The email list can become quite large after a period of time.  Buz Mail provides ways to filter the list by searching or sorting.


The email list can be sorted by any of the columns on the header row above the list (with the exception of Action).  Click on the column header to sort the list in ascending order.  Click on it again to sort the list in descending order. For Example, if you wish to sort by "Date Created" in chronological order from newest to oldest, allowing you to see which may need to be updated, you would click on "Date Created" and it would automatically complete the chronological ordering for you.


The email list can be searched for emails which meet specific criteria.  Click on the Email Search button on the top of the page.

Enter the criteria for the search and then click Search.  A list of emails meeting the criteria of the search will be displayed.


The action button beside each email in the list allows the you to initiate actions relating to the the email.  Hold your mouse over the action button to view the options available.

Click on the applicable menu to initiate the function which you desire.  For instructions on each function, click on the hyper-link below or use the tree view on the left hand side of this page.