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New Person

Use this form to add new members to your roster. It helps to have a Sign Up/Subscription page type in your site in order to collect information from people wanting to become members. It is best to have as much information as possible from your new member so that they will be easier to find in a roster search.

Most the fields in this form are quite self-explanatory, so only some will be described here.

User Types:

  • Admin: provides access to the administration. Beside this is a drop-down menu to choose which administrative group this admin will belong to. For more information, see Security/Permissions.
  • Staff: labels the person as a staff worker and allows access to the staff area.
  • Member: gives the person access to all member pages and groups.
  • Hide this person from other people
  • Hide this person from other staff
  • The bottom six fields are simply labels to enhance roster searches.

You may select the new member to be as many types as you would like.
More fields are described below:

  • Restrict User Access: This is an administrative tool for blocking a user's access to the website.
  • Classification: Used to classify members for the purpose of giving access permission and/or broadcast email.
  • Member ID: Insert the new member's ID here. This could be a string of up to 15 characters used to link a member to a third party system data base.
  • Locker Num: Enter a locker number for the member.
  • Association Number: Only used for golf members part of a golf association for looking up handicaps.

Once you have filled in as many fields as you can with information, press the "Add Member" button below the form. Remember, you don't have to fill in all of the fields.

By going to the Custom Fields page under General Admin you may customize your member form to suit your organization.

Note: The ability to add a new member is only available to an administrator. However, members may change their profile information themselves at the Update Profile page found in the status bar on the top of your website.