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New Pages

The following instructions will guide you through the process of creating a new web page.

Creating a New Page

To begin click on "New Page" in the Web Page Management bookmark. The following form will appear (without the green numbers):

  1. Determine whether the new page will be available for viewing on the website.
  2. The text you enter in this field is what viewers will see on the navigation menu. It will also be used as the default page header text (or title) while viewing the page.
  3. The header text field allows you to enter a different title for the page than what appears on the naviagation menu. You must select to "Use Header Text" to enable this option.
    TIP: To create a page with no title, leave the header text blank and enable the use of header text.
  4. Select the page which your new page will appear under. In the next step you will be able to select a specific location.
  5. Selecting to use parent sub-menus will display a sub-menu of the other pages that appear on the same level as the page you are adding. In a normal situation, the sub-menu will show sub pages of the page you are adding. Please note that sub-menus will only appear if enabled on the site profile.
  6. Select the page type you wish to create. See Page Types for more information.

Once you have completed the above form, click "Proceed to the Next Step". The following page will appear:

Now you can choose the specific location for your new page from a list of all other pages found in the same section. Enter a numerical ranking to place your page in the desired location. If there are no pages in the section you specified, you will be prompted to continue without the ability to select a ranking. Rankings determine the order of the pages in the navigation bar, lowest to highest.

TIP: When entering numerical values for rankings, space them apart by fives or tens (eg. 10, 20, 30). This gives you flexibility to add more pages between your current pages.

When you have entered the ranking of the page click on the button to proceed. The following form will appear:

The last step is to enter keywords, a description, and page content.

Keywords and Description are for search engine purposes only and are optional, however they make your website that much more Search Optimized. For more information on Search Engine Optimization see Search Engine Optimization in the Reference Guide.

The Page Text editor is where you will enter the information to appear on your new page.

When you have finished entering your desired page content, press "Publish Page" and you are done.

TIP: You don't have to enter page content when creating pages. You will always have the opportunity to edit your content after pages are created.