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Reference Guide BUZ CMS Site Design

Site Design

Customizing Your Site Design

This section contains tools to manage the graphic appearance and layout of your site. It is important to put careful consideration into this part of your site, as an efficient layout and friendly design are major elements in attracting visitors.

  • Site Profiles: This is the biggest portion of Site Design. It will list all your site profiles and allow you to edit them as you wish.
  • Featured Section: Control what appears in the Featured box on the member home here.
  • Page Components: Use this section to customize the page component's settings.
  • Account Inquiry: Here you may customize your member's Account Statement's layout.
  • Daily Message: Input a message to appear on your member home page in this bookmark.
  • User Drop Down Menu: Set the options and links available in the user drop down menu here.
  • Email Nag: Choose to enable or disable the popup that encourages members to update their email address(es).