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Templates are available to assist you in laying out your page. They are pre-defined, ready-made document forms with page layout, text formatting and styling as well as other elements.

To insert a template, press the Image:Templates.gif button on the toolbar. A popup window called "Content Templates" will appear. The dialog window shows a list of pre-defined templates that are available in your system. Each template listed contains a title, an image presenting the schematic outline of the template, as well as its description.

In order to select a template, choose it from the list in the Content Templates dialog window and click once. The dialog window will close and the selected template will be applied to the document.

The Content Templates dialog window contains only one configuration option: Replace actual contents. Leaving it checked means that the inserted template will also replace the content entered previously in the Editor window, deleting it in the process. If you leave the Replace actual contents option unchecked, the template will be inserted in the document in the current position of the cursor.