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Account Inquiry Settings

Account Inquiry

If you have subscribed to the Account Inquiry Interface, your members will be able to access their account statements online, with drill down to chit detail. The back office systems supported with this feature are Buz Club Manager and JonasTM.  

This feature requires the installation of a Web Service on the club's server.  Contact your Buz Coach for more information.

To set up an Account Inquiry page, create a new page and choose your statement provider (JonasTM or Buz). Once you have created your page, go to the Options tab in the page editor. There you will see the following form:

Special Options

  • Statement Provider.  Select from list.  Current vendors supported are Buz and JonasTM
  • Account URL.  Contact a Buz support representative.
  • Don't display account transactions within 'x' days of current day.  This feature will delay the display of account information, in order to allow the club administration to review and modify charges prior to being available to members online.
  • Delay monthly account statement for 'x' days.  This feature will delay the presentation of the current month statement for 'x' days to give administration sufficient time to finalize the previous month's statement.
  • Select Options for Display.
    • Open statement in separate window.
    • Show gratuities.
    • Show tax 1 label
    • Show tax 2 label
    • Show service charges
    • Custom message

Configure Printer Friendly Statement

To configure the Printer Friendly Statement, select Site Design/Account Inq. Settings from the Outlook bar.

The sections in blue are the editable portions of this statement; you can customize these sections to include your Company Name (and address if desired), the instructions for submitting payment, or anything else you find appropriate.

Select "Update Settings" to save the changes.