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Buz People

Buz People

This is a unique interface that allows you to manage all of your members, staff, and admin. We have included many other features such as people search, editing sign-in options, and synchronization to other rosters.
  • People Search: Find users in your website database using a number of different search criteria
  • New Person: Add new users to your website database (members, staff, administrators)
  • Roster Config: Setup your online roster and decide what information is going to be visible
  • Sign-in Options: Configure and edit how the private area of your website will be accessed
  • Security/Permissions: Create administrative security groups to control admin access
  • Synchronization:  Synchronize your website database with your back office member management software
  • Export People:  Create an export file of your website users containing the fields of your choosing
  • Mappings:  Create classification and communication restrictions based on user classifications
  • Change Log:  Keep track of all of the changes that occur with your user database

Some of the pages have links in the toolbar for your convenience.

Navigating the Buz People section is nearly the same as any other section; Just click on the tab you would like to go to from the main menu. However, you will notice a search bar in between the menu and the main content area:

This bar will be visible throughout the entire Buz People section and you may use it to search for a person from your entire roster. Simply type in any part of the person's name (first or last) and search results will appear as you type. If you would like a more detailed search, you can use the People Search page.