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Social Media

This page allows you to create links to social media pages, allowing your members, or visitors to connect with you and receive updates on these connected websites. This is a great advertising tool, as well as a great way of reaching out to the younger generation, to whom social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter are a major communication tool.

Icon Size: To begin, choose the size that you would like the link icons to appear on your website. There are three choices, to select one click in the associated radio button.

Services Offered: Buz offers connections with the following social media websites: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Goggle Buzz, YouTube and Flickr. To offer any of these to your members/visitors you must already have a website with the associated website. Simply enter your URL in the associated space. For instance, if your YouTube page's name is "ruggedacres" your identifying page would be "ruggedacres?feature=guide". You can find these by going to the pages you wish to display and copy+pasting the necessary section of the URL into the provided space.

Share Options: This is where advertising comes into play; by using this tool you allow users who connect with you on one of your social media sites to "share" your webpage on their identifying page. For instance, if someone has just golfed at your course, they may wish to post your webpage on Facebook with an invite to their friends to join them for a tee-time next time they visit. This is free advertising.

By clicking on one (or both) of the boxes, you will insert one of the "share" displays (as seen below) into your webpage, allowing members to click the relevant display button and connect automatically with their social media pages. Top of Page inserts  the share buttons at the top of the page, before any other content, Bottom of Page inserts the share buttons at the bottom, below and other content You can select both, allowing you to insert the buttons at both places on your pages.

As noted on the Social Media page, if you only wish to include the follow us, or share widget on specific pages you have the option. Click on "How to Integrate" and you will be forwarded to a separate page with instructions on how to insert the widget manually into your Source code. It is not recommended to do this manually if you do not know how to read Source code, as you might insert the code in a place that will create future issues with your website.

Display Style: This allows you to select how the Share widget will appear on your site. To choose one, select the corresponding radio button.

Once you have completed setting your Social Media as you wish to, click on "Add Social Media Settings".