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The Home page of ERS is an "at-a-glance" menu of all upcoming events that are currently registered in the system:

Num: Displays the listing number. This is determined automatically by the chronological order of their creation, and is assigned by Buz ERS when you initially save the event into the system.

Start: Displays the date that this event begins.

Name: Displays the name that was given to the event upon its creation.

Clicking on the name of the event will bring you to the event summary of that particular event. For more information on event summaries, see Buz ERS > Events in the Reference Guide.

Regs: Displays how many people have registered for this event so far.

Clicking on the registrants number will bring you to the event registrations menu for this particular event. For more information on the event registrations menu, see Buz ERS >Events in the Reference Guide.

Status: Shows the current status of the event. 

Desc: Displays a short description that was entered when the event was created.

Venue: Displays where the event is to be hosted.

Type: Displays the type of event that this is categorized as.

Member: If this event is a member created event, this will list the name of the member.

Note: Clicking on any of the headers that is written in blue will automatically re-order the table in ascending order of that header. Click the header again to reorder in descending order. The default order is ascending chronologically by the start date listed. A small arrow will appear next to the chosen header to indicate which direction the ordering is: down indicates that the numbers/letters are greater the lower they go, up indicates that the numbers/letters are lower the lower they are on the list.

Search : This search allows you find events containing specific keywords. Enter the keyword and click on "Perform Search". If you would like to do a more advanced search, click on "Advanced". For more information on the Advanced search tool, see "search" on the Buz ERS page in the Reference Guide.