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Page Types

Page Types

When creating a web page, you must select a page type.  Each page type is the display interface for a special function or module.  Over 35 special pages enable the extraordinary capabilities of WebCommunicator.

The following page types are available in WebCommunicator. 

CMS Page Types

Standard Page: Standard pages contain content comprised of text, graphics and multimedia files such as video, audio and Flash.
Bulletin Board / Forums: Forums are a traditional mechanism for interactive exchange of information amongst people with common interests.
Calendar: A Calendar page contains a calendar of events
Comment Card Submission:

A Comment Card Submission page will capture a member's comment and log it into the Comment Card System

Committee: A Committee page will display committees and their members
Custom Data Display: Custom data files contain custom information about your members which is displayed online.  By way of example, one client displays each member's wine inventory which is stored in the club's wine cellar.
Business Directory / Search: Provide a member-to-member Business Directory.
Business Category Listing: Alternate display for the Business Directory.
Event Submission: Provides a way for users to add a detailed event to a calender with optional pending (for events which are not yet confirmed).
External Link: Use this page to put a link to a website outside of your own in the navigation bar.
Frequently Asked Questions: Provides answers to popular user questions.
File Cabinet: Page containing files for download.
Interest Groups Listing: Lists selected groups and allows users to subscibe to them.
Internal File: Link to a file that you will upload in step two of creating a page.
Internal Link: Link to another page in your site.
Links Page: A page with links to various websites.
Member / User Info Update Page: Provides options for a user to edit his/her profile.
Member Roster Search: A member search function.
Newsletter: Allows you to create a newsletter, time-stamp it and create articles which are searchable in the archives once their viewing date has expired.
Photo Album: Displays photos for members or public to view.
Staff / Contact: Page containing contact information for staff or businesses.
Subscription / Sign-Up Page: A subscription / sign-up form.
Survey Page: Survey form that users may fill out.
Weather Page: Displays the forecast for a desired city.
Real Estate: Shows real estate listings. You must create a real estate page first in order to add listings.
Web Site Map: Lists the pages of your website for user convenience.
Event Registration Page Types Description
Event Registration Listings:
Tournament Results: (requires tournament expert)
Golf Related Page Types Description
Golf Association Lookup:
Golf Course Scorecard:
Handicap Search:
RCGA Pass Through:
Tee Time Search:
WebRez Link:
Account Inquiry Page Types Description
Online Account Inquiry: Displays an account statement from Jonas (c) Statements. See Account Inquiry Settings.
Online Account Inquiry: Displays an account statement from Buz Club Manager. See Account Inquiry Settings.
E-Commerce Page Types Description
Shopping Cart:
Special Payment Page: