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Default Settings

Input basic settings such as your site name, email, and web address in this bookmark.

  • Section Name: Enter a name for the section that you wish to appear at the top of the browser window when your site is open. It could be your company name.
  • Section Email: Enter an email address that will appear at the bottom of every page on the site; it will be the email most accessible to your customers.
  • Member Profile Email: Input an email address from which you would like to receive all profile changes submitted online by your members.
  • Section Keywords: Use these to increase your chances of appearing in the outcome of searches from search engines throughout the web. Keywords are words, or phrases, that best describe your organization and services, seperated by a comma.
  • Section Description: This field will contain the description of your website for the search engines. Any information that you put here will be used as part, if not all, of the description visitors will see when your site appears on the search engines.
  • Section Logo: Choose a logo for this profile from your file system to appear in the header. If you are planning to use a custom header, it is not necessary to add a logo or select its position (see next point).
  • Logo Position: Select the position of your chosen logo in the header.
  • Design Style: Web Communicator offers a number of pre-set templates that you can use to create a design style for your website. Using the drop-down arrow, you can select a style by clicking on it. To view the different styles, press the "View Styles" link. It is recommended that you try out custom headers, sidebars and footers before using a template - you may be much more satisfied! This choice will be overridden if custom sections or images are used.
  • Design Color: In order to help you customize your design template we have provided a selection of colors specifically chosen for their clarity. To incorporate one of the colors, click in the radio button corresponding to the color. Once again, this choice will be overridden if custom sections or images are used.

Remember, the changes are not permanent. If you do not like anything you've done, return to the original settings and try again!

To save and apply your changes, click on the "Update Default Template Properties" button.