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Facts, answers and questions (aka Frequently Asked Questions) are useful for giving users the information they need without having to contact you. It is also very easy to add to and keep up to date, so you can be sure your members questions are being answered.


Use the categories to organize your FAQ's into collections of similiar items. This will enable your members to find the answer they need quickly and easily. Simply click on "New Category" and enter the category name, rank, and visibility. Press "Add Category" to complete the process.

Your categories will be listed in the Categories tab. The name, rank, and visibility along with options to edit or delete them are displayed here.


To begin adding FAQ's press the "New Category" button in the toolbar. Insert and select the rank, visibility, category, question, and answer (put the answer in the un-labeled text editor box). When you are finished you may press "Add FAQ". If you wish you may also choose to abort the process by clicking on "Cancel".

As in categories, the FAQ's bookmark will contain information about each FAQ with one additional item. That item is the number of requests, or views, for the corresponding FAQ. Every time a member views that FAQ, the request stat goes up by one.