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Context Menu

The Context Menu is a pop-up menu that appears whenever you click inside the Editing Area with the right mouse button. It serves as a shortcut for most common operations available for a given type of object.

The image below presents the context menu for a link embedded in the document.


The menu is context-sensitive which means that the options displayed in the open menu depend on the object that you click.

If, for example, you press the right mouse button while inside a table, you will see some table-specific options available in its context menu:

To perform an operation listed in the context menu, select it with the left mouse button. If an option is grayed out, like the Cut and Copy operations above, it is unavailable unless some pre-conditions are met (eg. an element is selected).

Note that for some more complex objects, like a table, the context menu might include sub-menus with further options. To open the sub-menu, roll over the menu option containing a small right-pointing arrow (). To perform an operation listed in the context menu, click it with the left mouse button. To return to the parent menu, roll over the main menu with your mouse.