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View Email

To view an email, hold your mouse over the the Action button, which is beside the email in the email list, and select View.

Tool Bar

The tool bar at the top of page provides 5 options:

  • Edit.  Clicking on the Edit button will open the email in Edit Mode.
  • Send.  Clicking on the Send button will initiate the Send/Schedule function.
  • Copy.  Clicking the Copy button will copy the current email to a New Email.
  • Delete.  Clicking Delete will initiate the process of deleting the email.
  • Cancel.  Clicking the Cancel button will return to the List Email screen.


There are 5 tabs across the top of the email menu:


The View tab, as seen in the image above, displays the email as it will appear by the recipient; in this format the email is non-editable. This is the default tab.


The options tab displays the options for the email, as selected during its creation. The options are not editable in this view. For more information on the "Options" see Buz Mail > New Email in the Reference Guide.

Spam Check

The Spam Check tab provides a spam score and general advice on how to reduce the spam score.


The history tab displays the send history for the email.

The Action button on the History tab provides two options.

  • Recipients will provide a list of recipients for each particular instance of the email.
  • Email Content will show the exact content of each particular instance of the email.

Note:  The email content in View tab may differ from the content in the history tab, in the event that the email has been edited.


The tracking tab tracks all aspects of the email.

Step 1:  From the drop down, select the instance of the email you want to track.

The tracking screen will load:

To track a different instance of the email, select the instance from the drop down and the tracking information will load for that instance.

On the left hand side will be a pie graph which depicts opened, unopened and bounced email percentages.  On the right-hand side are numeric details of total emails sent, opens, bounces, forwards, un-subscribes, unopened emails and the spam score.

Under the report are links for:

  • Detail report
  • Campaign comparison

Note: If a recipient of the email does not have images automatically opening in their email and opens the email without enabling the images and without following any links within the email, they might not show up as having opened the email. Therefore, these percentages are close estimates based on a number of decisive factors, not a perfect way of measuring.

Detail Report

Clicking on the detail report link will load the following report:

The general statistic provides columns for Opened, Bounced, Forward and open date. Clicking on any of these headers will sort the list by any chosen column.  Clicking on the other tabs, will provide a specific result for the tab clicked.

Below this menu is a link allowing you to Export the information found therein. 

Comparison Report

Click on the Comparison Report link to compare the email being viewed to another email campaign.  From the drop down lists, select the comparative email and its instance;  a comparison report will load.


At the bottom of the Tracking tab is a list of links which were in the email.  To view who clicked on the links, click on the link.  A list will load, of people who clicked on the link, including the number of times they clicked on the link.