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My Cards

This tab shows a menu of all cards assigned to you. 

Clicking on any of the headers at the top of the menu will return you to the main page, with all of the cards listed organized by that header. A small arrow will appear to the right of the header name  to indicate whether they are organized in descending or ascending order.

By clicking on the Subject name of any of the cards you can open it for viewing and updating at any time. This will bring you to the following menu (with information differentiating based on the chosen card):

Card Thread: This is the default page, when you open a card. You can see below the menu a log of all direct communications involved with this particular card. 

There are two forms of communications involved in this thread: Replies and Comments:

  • Replies are made directly to the person who wrote the card, often indicating that someone is taking care of it, responding to the question at hand, or thanking them for their input. Replies automatically email out through the CSM assigned email address to the member who submitted the card.
  • Comments can be made regarding the correspondence, but not directly responding to the comment itself. For instance, a comment could be made to clarify, add detail etc. Comments are not sent to anyone, but are viewable in the future.

To add either of these correspondences, click on either Reply, or Comment and you will be brought to a message editor, allowing you to enter text and update the card.

Updating Card Options: Within in Card Thread tab there is also the option to update the card information. If the card has been resolved, you can change the status to "Resolved"; if the critical aspects of the card have been dealt with, it can be made lower priority etc. You also can change who the card is assigned to by selecting either "Me", "Pick Another User", or "Mark Unassigned." Once you have made the necessary changes, simply click "Update Card Options" to save the new information.

Card Tasks: This brings you to a list of tasks related to the card. Initially you are able to see all tasks associated with the card. You have the option to select "Show My Tasks Only", which edits the view so you see only the tasks which have been assigned to you for completion.

You also have the ability to Add New Tasks, which will bring you to the following menu:

Status: Select the relevant status for the Task. Unless you are editing a task, usually the selection "New" will be the most relevant. The status options are New, Open, Resolved, Dead, Pending.

Priority: Select how critical this task is as a priority. The priority options are Low, Normal, High, Critical.

Start: The start date of the task will auto-fill to the current date, but can be changed by either entering the date in mm/dd/yyyy format, or clicking on "select" and choosing the date from a small calendar.

Due: This indicates the date that the task must be completed by. To choose a date either enter the date manually in mm/dd/yyyy format, or click on "select" and choose the date from the small calendar.

Task Name: The task name can be anything from a number (if there is a sequence in which the tasks should be completed) or a small descriptor of some sort. This must be filled out to add the task.

Description: Give detail to what is necessary to the task, so that the person  responsible for it will know exactly what they are intended to do.

Assigned To: Select whether the task should be assigned to yourself, or to another user. This adds the task to their tasks bar, so that they can see what they are responsible for at any given time.

When you have completed entering all necessary information, click on Add Task. If you no longer wish to add a task, click on Cancel.

Card Files: This will bring you to a list of any files which are associated with the task. For instance, if a member requested some form of information and and whoever it was assigned to added the necessary data file to the card file, it would appear in this tab.

By default you will be able to view all files attached to this card. If you wish to view only your uploads, click on "Show My Uploads Only".

You also have the option to Add New Files to the card:

Select File: To select a file click on "Choose File". A browser window will open, allowing you to find and select a file to upload from your computer.

File Title: The title should be something indicative of what the file is showing, relative to the card you are attaching it to. You must add a title to save the file.

Description: A short description of what the file is and what its purpose is, relative to the card you are attaching it to.

Once you have added all necessary information click on "Upload File" to attach the file to the card. If you have decided not to attach a file after all, click on "Cancel".

All Open Cards

This tab displays a complete list of all cards which are not marked resolved or dead. This is a great overview of what is still in the works and what needs to be addressed still.

The cards are listed in numerical order from smallest to largest, by default. If you choose to organize them by another header, you will be returned to the "Home" view of the cards, with the cards listed in descending order by that header. By clicking the header again you can organize the cards in ascending order by that header.

All Unassigned

This tab displays a complete list of all cards which are not currently assigned to anyone. In order to assign it to someone, including claiming responsibility for it yourself, click on the Subject Name of the card, you will be redirected to the "Card Thread" menu, and select either Me, or Pick Another User next to Card Owner.

Once you have completed updating the card, click on "Update Card Options".

Card Search

Note: This menu can also be reached by clicking on "Search" in the the search toolbar at the top of each screen of the CSM. Information on this toolbar can also be found on BUZ CSM in the Reference Guide.

Keyword Search: Allows you search for all comment cards with a specific keyword or keywords in them. 
Note: this searches the body of the card, not the subject.

Subject: Allows you to search for comment cards with a particular word in the subject.

Dates: Allows you to search for all cards created within a certain time frame. Either enter the date manually in the mm/dd/yyyy form, or click on "Select" to open a small calender and choose the date(s). 

Status: Allows you to search for all comment cards filed with a certain status. Eg: all pending cards. Click as many boxes as you wish.

Priority: Allows you to search for cards by priority. Select as many options as you wish.

Type: Allows you to search for cards by type. Select as many options as you wish,

Departments: Allows you to search for cards by the Department they were referred to. Choose as many option boxes as you wish.

Owners: Allows you to search for cards by who was made responsible for them, ie the owner of them.

Note: You can search for any combination of the above options. 

Once you have completed entering your search parameters, click on the "Perform Search" button on the right of the menu. Your search results will appear just below this menu.