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With this module, you will be able to manage all of your news articles. There are two tabs in this section: Topics and Items. Use topics to organize your news items.

Note: you must have a newsletter page setup in your page manager before you are able to access the 'News' section under 'Web Page Management'.


Click "New Topic" near the top of the window to begin the process of creating a new topic.

Your topics will be listed like this:

As soon as you have created some news topics they will appear when you click the "Topics" button at the top of the News page.

The News column contains the link to view the news articles the the topic. The number stands for how many news items there are. For more information on news items please continue to the next section.

News Items

After clicking 'View News' you will see the following display, which is a list of all of the news Items that belong to that Topic:

There are just a few points to make about this section:

  • Press "Edit" or the article name in order to make any changes to the item.
  • A checkmark in the Feature column indicates that the article is a Featured Item and will appear on the home page (if this function is turned on).
  • Click "View Expired News" to see all expired news items.

To create a news item, enter into the appropriate topic and press the "New Item" button in the toolbar.  When creating a new item, you must:

  • Enter a title
  • Insert a picture (optional)
  • Assign a rank (if all rankings are left at 1, the items will be sorted alphabetically)
  • Assign a start and an end date for the news item to appear on the News page.  If you want it to always be available to the viewer you must put a check beside 'Never Expires'.
  • Enter the content of the news item in the editor
  • You can also optionally set a news item to be a 'sign-up' item.  You may want to advertise an event at your facility using the news item in which case you can enable the sign-up option at the bottom of the page.

If you wish to return to the list of items within a topic, simply click on "Topic Items" in the upper left-hand corner.