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The Photos module allows you to access and manage all of your photo albums from one convenient place.  It should be noted that the 'Photos' option will not appear under Web Page Management until you have setup a 'Photo Album' page in your page manager.

Once you have created a Photo Album page, the name of that page will represent the name of the album in the Photos section.  When viewing the list of available albums, click on the 'Manage Button' in order to edit the album or add pictures to the album:

After clicking the 'Manage' button, you will be in the administration for that Album.  To add photos to the album, click on the 'Add Photos' at the top of the page.  You may add up to fifteen photos at a time using the form that appears:

Important Note:  When uploading pictures from your computer, make sure that the file name for the image DOES NOT include any special characters.  The following are considered 'special characters':  ! @ # $ % ^ & *.  If your file contains one of these special characters the photo will not upload.

Once you have selected all of your photos using the browse button and added any comments that you want to accompany the picture, simply click the "Add Photos" button at the bottom of the page.

After clicking the 'Add Photos' button, be patient...depending on the number and size of files that you are uploading it could take a few minutes.  You will be presented with a message "Files Uploaded Successfully" when it is complete.

When you return to your Photo Album page on your website, the newly uploaded pictures should be visible.

At anytime, you may return to the Photos section and manage your album...change the order, upload new pictures, change the comments, etc, etc.  You do not need to create a brand new album just to add new photos or change the order of photos.