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Site Profiles

Profiles determine the look and feel for various sections of your web site. Font style, color, background, menu styles, and page layout are all included in profile settings.

You can set profiles by section; each section can have their own profile if desired. For example, you can have one profile for the public section and a different profile for the member section - thus, two different looks and formats within one site. Sections include public, member, sub-groups and committees.

Upon entering the "Site Profiles" section, you will see two columns. The first lists all the "profiles" used on your site. The second column contains a breakdown of your website by section (Private/Public/Staff, groups, and committees) and its associated profile. You may only have one profile, "default", if you have not added other profiles to your site as of yet.

Following are descriptions of the different buttons in each row:

  • Delete: Press to delete the corresponding profile.
  • Profile Name: Brings you to the profile editor. Read the sub-pages for more on editing site profiles.
  • Copy: Copies the profile's settings and information into the profile creator. See Copying an Existing profile below.
  • View: Click to view the profile as a user would, in another window.

Adding a New Profile /  Copying an Existing Profile

A new profile can be added with a simple click of the button "New Profile", or by pressing "Copy"  to duplicate an old profile and use it as a base for the new profile. We will go into more detail about setting up a profile in the next section. You can set up as many profiles as you would like.

Changing the Profile of a Section

Click on the drop-down menu beside the profile of your choice. Here you can choose from a list of your profiles.  Click on update, and every page of the section specified will conform to the new profile.
Note: If you have manually changed the site profile of an individual page, the individual setting will override the section setting (even if you change the section setting after).