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Dining Room Tables

Once you've added your dining room, you can build the layout of the room by adding tables. Select the Dining Room and click   in the 'Tables' section to start adding tables. 

Now you can start to build the room by adding all available tables in the dining room. You will complete this process for each type of table (2-Tops, 4-Tops, 6-Tops, 8-Tops etc). 

Number of Tables to Add
The number of tables of this specific type. For example, in the screenshot above we are adding five 4-Tops. 

Table Description
The type of table  (2-Top, 4-Top, 6-Top, 8-Top etc)

Min Seats
The minimum number of people on the reservation in order to book this table. For example, can two people reserve a 4-Top? Or must it be a minimum of three or four people? In the example above we are allowing two people to reserve a 4-Top. 

Max Seats
The maximum number of people allowed to book a 4-Top. In the example above we are allowing up to four people to reserve a 4-Top. 

The number of tables that are available. 

The number of tables that are available for online bookings. Typically a club may keep one or two tables available for walk-ins. In the example above, we are allowing three of our five 4-Tops to be booked online while keeping two 4-Tops available for a walk-in.

Indicates the tables are active and available. 

Once all details are configured for the specific table type, click the Add Tables button to save the changes. Continue adding tables until you have defined how the whole room works. These numbers can be changed at any time if you find that you need to make adjustments.