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Custom Style Sheet

Unlimited flexibility is possible by developing your own styles in webCommunicator's Style Sheet creator. Here you also have the ability to develop styles to be used in the site wide editor. Please note that this section is meant for users with some experience in CSS.

Your Custom Styles will appear at the top of your editor when editing pages within the profile. To change an item(s) style, highlight the desired item(s) and go to "Select a Style". Your custom styles will all appear here.

The general format for a custom style is the following:
.style  {font-size : 10pt;font-family : Arial;font-weight : Bold;font-style : Normal;color : #FFFF00;text-decoration : None;width : 120;border-style : Solid;border-color : cccccc;border-width : Thin;padding-top : 1px;padding-bottom : 1px;padding-right : 1px;padding-left : 1px;border-left-width : 1px;border-right-width : 1px;border-top-width : 1px;border-bottom-width : 1px;}

There are several styles for you to customize in this section, or you can create your own; the options are limitless. See below for the some of the styles with which we provide you:

Style Name
P: This is the style for paragraph tags.
BODY: The style for the body.
TABLE: This is the style for table tags.
A, A:Hover: Use this style for links/anchors.
.menutitle: Not in use anymore.
.submenutitle: This is the style for standard sub menu titles.
a.NavBar, a.NavBar:hover: Use this style for standard main menu items.
a.NNavBar, a.NNavBar:hover: Same as above, for Netscape.
a.sNavBar, a.sNavBar:hover: This is the style for standard sub main menu items.
a.sNNavBar, a.sNNavBar:hover: Same as above, for Netscape.
td.smtbg: This is the style for standard main menu titles table cell (td).
td.smbg: This is the style for standard main menu items table cell (td).
.NewsTopic: Properties of newsletter topics.
.NewsTitle: Properties of newsletter titles.
h2: Page title properties.
.tbartext: Text properties on status bar.
a.tbarlink, a.tbarlink:hover: Link properties on status bar.
.statbar: Table properties on status bar.
.SpecialHeader: Headings on special pages such as Update Profile to appear in the status bar.
.FeaturedNewsTable Featured events and news table properties.
.FeaturedNewsTitle Featured events and news title.

There are also sections of the design that have an ID associated with them:

  • #wc_body
  • #wc_header
  • #wc_content
  • #wc_leftpad
  • #wc_leftbuffer
  • #wc_leftside
  • #wc_middle
  • #wc_rightbuffer
  • #wc_rightside
  • #wc_rightpad
  • #wc_footer

To save your style sheet, press "Update Custom Style Sheet".