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Featured Section

Note:  This functionality has been significantly enhanced with the introduction of the Member Desktop.  For clients which prefer to use Featured Sections, use this section of the Reference Guide for instructions or select the hyperlink to Member Desktop for more information.

Featured sections are useful for personalizing a member's experience on your website. There are four options:

  • Tee Times.  This option displays a member's upcoming tee times.
  • Account Overview.  This option provides a member's account balance and unspent minimum.
  • Calendar Events.  This option displays Featured Events
  • Newsletter Items.  This option displays Featured Newsletter Articles

Click on "Update Sections" to save your changes.

Formatting the Featured Section

Formatting options for the featured section items are also available. These let you control how they appear, giving you the ability to modify their looks to comply with the rest of the site content.  To format the Featured Section, select the Formatting button on the button bar.

  • Table Border Width: If you would like the items to appear in boxes, set the table border width to 1 or more (in pixels).
  • Table Border/Background: Select the desired color for the background of your featured section items.
  • Header Background/Text: The background and text color of the header can be different from the rest of the box.
  • Content background: Again, the color of the content can also be different from the table and headers.
  • Alignment: This indicates where the box will appear on your page. It can appear left, right or center - just ensure that it fits the content of your page.
  • Feature Section Width: Adjust the width of your feature items.
  • Space Between Items: If you have chosen more than one featured section to appear, you can adjust the space between each one. A value of zero will stack them on top of each other.
  • Padding for Each Item: This specifies the padding (space) between the table border and the content of your featured item.

Press "Save Options" and the formatting will be updated instantly.