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The Toolbar is the section located at the top of the editor window. It contains menu buttons that give you access to various functions of the editor. All buttons are grouped according to their function and include both simple operations, like basic text formatting, and more advanced features, like inserting media or forms.

The toolbar buttons are illustrated with meaningful icons. If, however, you are not sure what functions they perform, hover the mouse cursor over the buttons to see a tool-tip with the name of the function.

In order to perform an operation assigned to a button, click the button once.

Some of the buttons serve as placeholders giving you access to further options placed in a drop-down list. They are easily recognizable by the white space with a little arrow on their right side. Clicking the name or the arrow icon of such a button will expand the list and allow you to choose one of its options by clicking on it with the left mouse button. To hide the list, use the Esc key or click anywhere in the browser window.