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CMS Page Types

Page Types

When creating a web page, you must select a page type.  Each page type is the display interface for a special function or module.  Over 35 special pages, enable the extraordinary capabilities of WebCommunicator.

The following page types are available in WebCommunicator. 

CMS Page Types

Standard Page: Standard pages contain content comprised of text, graphics and mulitmedia files such as video, audio and Flash.
Bulletin Board / Forums: Forums are a traditional mechanism for interactive exchange of information amongst people with common interests.
Calendar: A Calendar page contains a calendar of events
Comment Card Submission:

A Comment Card Submission page will capture a member's comment and log it into the Comment Card System

Committee: A Committee page will display committees and their members
Custom Data Display: Custom data files contain custom information about your members which is displayed online.  By way of example, one client displays each member's wine inventory which is stored i the club's wine cellar.
Business Directory / Search: Provide a member to member Business Directory.
Business Category Listing: Alternate display for the Business Directory.
Event Submission: Provides a way for users to add a detailed event to a calender with optional pending.
External Link: Use this page to put a link to a website outside of your own in the navigation bar.
Frequently Asked Questions: Provides answers to popular user questions.
File Cabinet: Page containing files for download.
Interest Groups Listing: Lists selected groups and allows users to subscibe to them.
Internal File: Link to a file that you will upload in step two of creating a page.
Internal Link: Link to another page in your site.
Links Page: A page with links to various websites.
Member / User Info Update Page: Provides options for a user to edit his/her profile.
Member Roster Search: A member search function.
Newsletter: Allows you to create a newsletter, time-stamp it and create articles that are searchable in the archives once their viewing date has expired.
Photo Album: Displays photos for members or public to view.
Staff / Contact: Page containing contact information for staff or businesses.
Subscription / Sign-Up Page: A subscription / sign-up form.
Survey Page: Survey form that users may fill out.
Weather Page: Displays the forecast for a desired city.
Real Estate: Shows real estate listings. You must create a real estate page first in order to add listings.
Web Site Map: Lists the pages of your website for user convenience.
Event Registration Page Types Description
Event Registration Listings:
Tournament Results: (requires tournament expert)
Golf Related Page Types Description
Golf Association Lookup:
Golf Course Scorecard:
Handicap Search:
RCGA Pass Through:
Tee Time Search:
WebRez Link:
Account Inquiry Page Types Description
Online Account Inquiry: Displays an account statement from Jonas (c) Statements. See Account Inquiry Settings.
Online Account Inquiry: Displays an account statement from Buz Club Manager. See Account Inquiry Settings.
E-Commerce Page Types Description
Shopping Cart:
Special Payment Page: