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Page Components


Page Components

Page components further customize your members' experience on your website. They give you the power to display personalized information for members.  Available Page Components are described below:

  • Weather: Displays the current weather for the selected region.
  • Events: Lists all featured events (not all events).
  • Mini-Cal: A mini-calendar to give members a quick look at what day it is and what is going on.
  • Tee Time: If you have the Online Tee Time Registration module installed, the user's upcoming tee times will be displayed in this box.
  • Account: If you have the Account Inquiry module installed, the user's current account balance and a link to their statement will appear here.
  • Groups: Provides links to any groups of which the user is a member of.
  • Committees: Provides links to any committees of which the user is a member of.
  • Favorites: If the User Drop Down Menu is turned on, users can select favorite pages on the site and access them quickly with the list of favorites that shows in this box. See User Drop Down Menu for more information.
  • Registrations: A user's upcoming events for which they are registered will appear here if you have the Buz Event Registration System installed.
  • Forums: Displays the most recent posts in the forums.
  • Downloads: A list of the latest downloads you have made available.
  • Special Component: If your page is a special page (event registration, forums, etc.), put this component in to specify where you want the special content to be.
  • Page Content: Where your standard text and pictures will appear. Only bother to use this if you are using other compenents as well.
  • Daily Message:  Displays the message created in the Daily Message Area.
  • Sub Menu: Provides links to the other pages in the section or the pages below it, depending on if you select Yes in "Use Parent Sub-Menus" when editing the page its on.
  • Survey: Either carries the latest poll or a link to a questionaire. See Surveys for more information.

Adding Page Components to a Page

To add page components to a page go to the page manager and begin editing the desired page. At the top of the "Content" tab are two buttons. Click on "View/Edit Components" and a pop-up window will appear to add the components of your choice to a page.

All you have to do is drag the desired component to a box and drop it in. It is that simple! To change the format of columns and rows, check and uncheck the boxes labeled 1, 2, 1, 3, and 1 untill you are satisfied. (1 means one row, 2 means two rows, and so on. The order of row numbers will not change) As you can see you may fit as many components as you like into one cell.

NOTE: Make sure you have the component content set up in the Page Components bookmark (Example: add the weather location for the weather module) or in another tab (Example: have a survey page and create surveys in the Surveys bookmark to show the surveys module) or else nothing will appear for that component, not even a box.

If you are going to have standard page content in addition to the components (added through the editor) make sure you add a space for page content. If it is a specialized page (file cabinet, calendar, etc.) make sure to add a spot for "Special Component".