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Mobile Website

Mobile Website allows clubs to have key pages in a mobile friendly format. These are usually general information pages, containing images and text.

The three browser tabs within this section are General Settings, List Mobile Web Pages and New Mobile Web Page. The browser bar is above the page menu and looks like this: 

General SettingsThis section allows you to select the settings for the general mobile website. This is the default window when opening "Mobile Website". 

Enable: To create a Mobile Site it is necessary to first Enable Mobile Site by selecting the check box.

Folder Name: The URL included in this field is a general folder that contains/refers to all of the mobile friendly sites you create. This is the site that will be accessed first when someone opens your site on their cellphone. Most often, people simply add "mobile" to the end of their existing URL

Member features: The features you select here will determine what features are available to your members on the mobile site. Since mobile sites are primarily useful for those with membership, the features chosen here are very important. This allows quick access to information that pertains to your members.

Note: The following features are available only within the member's section of the mobile site.

Account Statement: This will allow members to download/view their current statement and balance owing information. If you have more than one format of Account Statement, select which one you wish them to be able to access.

Members are also able to view previous statements by choosing the month they wish to view. They will also be able to view more details by clicking on the name of the charge.

Tee Times: This will allow members to view an "upcoming" list of tee times, including the names of those in their party. It also provides the option to sign up for a tee time. "Book a tee time" will open your Webrez "tee time" booking system in a new window.

As with the Account Statement setting, it may be necessary to select which tee time will be visible to your members. If you don't have a golf course, you may have something other than tee times displaying here, such as court times etc. You might also have different tee time pages available for use. This setting defaults to dynamically determining the page based on the on the situation the person's account reflects.

Member Roster: Allows members to search the member's roster. This section follows the same rules as the regular website Member Roster Search, and information that is searchable for each member is still adjustable by the member themselves, as in the Member/User Info Update for regular websites.

Events: This will allow members to view a list of upcoming events that are listed on calendars that they have access to, or the ability to register for. These are the events that are relevant and specific to their use. The events are broken down and listed by month, of the event. The members are able to click on the name of the event for more details and for events which are registerable they are able to select "click to register" and open the BuzERS. Essentially, this section is the same as the Events section for a regular website.

The member is also able to filter the events in a "narrow as you type" search style, which automatically eliminates events which do not coincide with that is being entered in the search window.

Mobile Web Pages: Allows the viewing of specialty sites designed specifically for easy viewing on a mobile device. These sites can be designed in "New Mobile Web Pages" (see below) and are intended to be simplified sites which provide the core of your company's message and information that you wish to provide to your members and/or the public.

Full Website Link: Provides a link leading to the full webpage content.

Once you have completed entering the settings you want, click on "Update Settings" to save and apply the new settings to your Mobile Site.

List Mobile Web Pages: This section opens to a list of all existing Mobile Web Pages, categorized by Private and Public pages, as seen below:

As with a standard web page, this List offers information on the Visibility (Vis) of the page; Rank of the page, indicating where it is listed on the links list. This is changeable by entering a new number and clicking on the arrow button directly to the right of the rank data entry space; Page name, which displays in the Mobile Interface as the link to the page; Edit; Remove; and Published information, which indicates when this page was created.

For further information on editing a webpage see Buz CMS > Web Page Management > Editing a Page in the Reference Guide; For more information on the above described headers see Buz CMS > Web Page Management > Page Manager in the Reference Guide.

Private Pages: These pages are geared specifically to provide members with information relevant to them beyond the basics of account statement, tee time, member search and events (as described above). They offer information that is available and relevant only to members. In the image above there are a few examples given.

Public Pages: Public pages are primarily for advertising and basic information purposes. They provide information such as contact for the club, directions to the club, basic club policies, hours of operation and membership sign up information. 

These are simplified pages containing a survey of the information that potential members and visitors might need to fulfill their needs and are not geared toward members.

An example of the public area of the Mobile Web Site is visible to the left.

The mobile browser provides the following:

There is a back button, allowing users to return to a previous screen, and a simple list of links leading users to basic information pages.

At the bottom of the screen there are buttons for "Public" (the page that is being shown here), "Website" (which leads to the full webpage content), and "Member Sign-in" (which allows them to access the private sites, as discussed above).

Note: Mobile pages are only primary level webpages. You can not create lead offs to other pages, to avoid making browsing too complicated and difficult on a mobile device.

New Mobile Web Page: The mobile web page editor is very similar to the standard text editor, and the process of creating a page is very similar to that described in BuzCMS > Web Page Management > New Page in the Reference Guide. This process is just in a more streamlined and simplified format:

Visibility: This is much like the option for a website to appear visible at this time which appears in "New Page" options. Selecting "Off" will keep this page hidden, selecting On" will allow the page to be viewed by users.

Section: This area determines if the page is viewable within the public, or within the member's section, requiring a log-in to be accessed.

Page Rank: This determines where this website will appear in the list of links provided on the mobile interface. 

It is a good idea to leave a little bit of numerical space between rankings, in case of additions or changes in the future (ex: 3,6,9 etc.)

Page Title: This is the heading that will appear, linking to the created page.

Toolbar: This toolbar is a scaled down version of the text editor's toolbar. For more information on the functions of the buttons, see The Editor, and its associated pages, in the Reference Guide.

Editing Area: This Editing Area functions in the same way as that of the text Editor, for regular websites.

Once you have completed writing and editing the page, click on the page with a green check mark image above and to the left to the editor menu to save and publish the page. It will then be viewable and editable under List Mobile Web Pages.