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Reference Guide BUZ CMS Web Page Management

Web Page Management

Understanding Web Pages

Web pages are the areas of a website that contain information. It does not include the navigation bar, header, or background. To make this clearer here is an illustration. As you can see, the shaded area is not part of the web page. It is the design. The highlighted area is the web page. This is where all your content (information, media, calendars, forums, etc.) will be.

The Web Page Management section of Buz CMS is where you will find everything to do with managing your web pages. 

Only certain bookmarks are relevant to certain pages depending on what type of page you created it to be (see New Page). For example, if you made a calendar page and wanted to put an event in the calendar you would go to the Events bookmark, not the Page Manager. This will be discussed later on in the Manual.