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New Reservation

Reservations can be made on the admin side of the website.

1. In the upper left corner of the Dining Reservation System, tap the New Reservation button:

2. Start typing the name of the member into the member search box. Their name will appear as you begin to type:

Select the correct member name and click Next.

3. Select the date, time and party size:

4. As you select the date, time and party size, you will now see a grid representing all available times within 2 hours of your preferred time. 

5. Click on the preferred time and fill out member and guest information:

If a guest is also a member of the club, their name will appear as you begin typing it in. If the guest is a non-member then you will have the option to manually enter their name. This window also provides you with an opportunity to edit dates, dining location and party size by hitting the Edit button on the right.

6. Add any Optional Notes for the reservation. Notes that are relevant for this reservation, but not every time the diner visits (ex. Birthday, Anniversary, Requests Patio, etc.). Click Next. 

7. In this step you can confirm the reservation, or cancel it:

8. Tap the green Confirm Reservation button to complete the reservation.