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Event Status

The Event Statuses page allows you to personalize the status option of listed events, as seen in the menu below: 

List StatusesThis is the default menu when you open the Event Statuses page.

NumberThe numbers are given automatically in the listing, as they are organized alphabetically by Status name.

DelAllows you to delete the associated Status.

StatusThis is the name of the Status. Some of these are default (you can change their name, but can not delete them), you are able to add others. To edit/change the name of the Status, click on its name in the list and enter the desired changes and click "Update Status" to save and apply the updates.

Add StatusThis menu allows you to add a new Status.

To add a new Status simply enter the new name in the provided text box and select "Add Status". When you return to the List Statuses menu it will automatically be added to the list.