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Use this module to manage hyperlinks on your existing link pages. Links are useful for providing members with quick and easy access to relevant information from other web sites.


The first layer to the link module is 'Categories'. These are helpful for keeping all your links neatly organized within the admin console. Press "New Category" to begin creating a new category. You will have to fill out the following fields:

  • Select Links Page: Select the links page that the category will appear on.
  • Category: Insert the new category's name here.
  • Rank: Determine the rank (order) of the category in relation to the other categories.

Clicking the "Add Category" button will complete the process. Now you will be able to see your category in the "Categories" tab. Once you have some more categories the list will look similiar to this:

Instead of going to a seperate page to edit your link categories you can manage them directly in the list. After changing the 'Page' that the category is on, the 'Category' name or 'Rank' press the  "Update" button and the changes will be saved. You can only put categories in link pages. Note: Only edit one category (or link) at a time otherwise the changes to the other categories (or links) will be lost when you update one of them.

To delete a category, press the corresponding "Delete" button in the far right-hand column.


Click on "New Link" if you wish to add a link to your existing categories. When adding a new link you must:

  • Select a category
  • Enter a link name
  • Enter a description for the link
  • Enter the web address for the link
  • Select a target (how the link will open, i.e. New window, same window, new tab, etc.)
  • Press "Add Link" when you are done.

To access the list of links click on "Links". It will appear like this:

Again, you may manage your links directly from the 'Links' list.  Simply make your changes to any of the information and then press "Update" once you are finished.  Note:  Remember to only edit one link at a time, otherwise the changes to the other links will be lost and only the changes to the last one will be saved.

To delete a link, press the corresponding "Delete" button in the far right-hand column.