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Groups and Committees

Groups are important in developing a feeling of community within your club or business. Creating groups that focus on areas of interest within your member population results in a club that members use for both sport and social reasons.

Many businesses have committees that they would like to recognize, identify, or target with communications as well. This section helps you set up people for either of these functions. If a committee page is added, you can have selected committees and their members show for other users. (see Page Types).

The groups and committees added will also create a wholly functional website within your website for Group or committee members ONLY. You can assign administrators for this website, add meeting minutes, or just put in content of interest to the group`s members. To begin managing your groups/committees click the "Groups" bookmark on the side of webCommunicator. A list of your groups and committees will appear, which looks like this:

Following are descriptions of the different columns and the options they contain:

  • Admin: Click the "Administer" button beside the desired group to begin editing its contents.
  • URL: Press "View Group" to see the group as it appears to the public, in another window .
  • Edit: Provides options to edit the group's settings. See Editing a Group below for more information and how to change the Visible, Public and Committee settings.
  • Delete: Delete the selected group.
  • Name: Shows the group name. Replace a name and click "Update" to change it.
  • Visible: A green checkmark in this column implies that the corresponding group is visible to members.
  • Public: A green checkmark in this column implies that the corresponding group is visible to the public (non-members as well as members).
  • Committee: A green checkmark in this column implies that the corresponding group is marked as a committee.
  • Members: Displays how many members there are in the group.

Creating a Group

To begin creating a group press the "New Group" button in the toolbar. From here, follow the steps below:

     1.  Insert your group name in the text field:

     2.  Verify your group location:

     3.  Use the check-boxes to enable the desired options.

Press "Add Group" to complete the process.

Editing a Group

Press the "Edit" button beside the desired group name to begin editing. The fields and options here are exactly the same as the ones in the creation process. Simply click "Update Group" to save your changes.