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Page Manager

Page Manager

The Page Manager is your web page head quarters. From the Page Manager you can create, edit, and delete pages, change rankings, and set page visibility.

Below is an example of what the Page Manager will look like:


The Page Manager is divided into three sections for Public, Private and Staff pages.  Select the applicable button on the button bar to launch the desired view.


Below is a list of the different columns and their functions:

  1. Vis: (visibility) The green check mark means visible, while the red X means that the page is not visible. Click on the check mark or the  X to change visibility settings.
  2. Rank: this displays the page rankings. The page ranking determines the order in which the page will appear in the page menu.  You may change the rankings by replacing the existing number and then clicking on the arrow beside it.
  3. Page: shows the page name. Click to begin editing the page.
  4. Edit: press any one of these buttons to begin editing the corresponding page.
  5. View: clicking this button will display the desired page in another window.
  6. Remove: this button will delete the selected page. Don't worry, if you accidentally click on it you will have the option to go back. You cannot delete a page with sub-pages under it.
  7. Updated: displays the date the page was last updated.
  8. Published: displays the date the page was published.