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Opt In Link

To insert your link, place your cursor where you would like your Opt In link to appear in your Broadcast Email, click on the Data Variable button (  in the old editor and  in the new editor), and select Confirm Opt In. The appropriate code will then appear in your email.

Once the email is sent, the code will be replaced with a link reading "I consent to continue to receive electronic messages". Upon clicking on the link, the recipient will be directed to your website and will receive confirmation that they have submitted their consent.

Once a customer/member clicks on the consent link their authorization will be date-stamped and stored in your database should you ever need to provide proof of consent. This information will be located in the User Profile:

Background Information: Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation

On July 1st, 2014 the Canadian Government enacted the new Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL). This legistration affects electronic messages sent to people located in Canada.

To assist you with understanding how CASL will affect your organization, the following are some useful links:
We encourage you to review the above links and decide what course of action, if any, is right for your organization.