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Reference Guide BUZ MAIL Check for Bad Addresses

Check for Bad Addresses

This allows you to ensure that all contacts in your database have an accurate and functional email address on file:

Bad Emails are simply emails which do not fulfill standard email formatting. All bad emails are automatically removed from the mailing list when sending a New Email, or a Listed Email, as Buz Mail will not send to bad emails.

Beside each listed bad address there is stated the error in syntax. Often it will catch a missing "@" sign in the incorrect email and notate, as seen in the menu, "syntax...missing at".

Hint: If you have members who complain that they are not receiving the communications you are emailing out, run this scan to see if there are non-functional email addresses in the system.

Note: Bad email addresses are often created when inputted fields in the back office are inaccurately filled out. As the back office updates your database on Buz, it will improperly input information, resulting in a bad email address.

As seen in the menu, many of the "bad emails" are simply incorrectly inputted information. In this example, many of the cases show dates instead of emails, and in the last email on the list, there is a special character, which is not standard to functional emails.

To correct these bad emails, simply click on the link, indicated by the blue lettering of the bad email, this will bring you to the database page for this entry, allowing you to make corrections manually. Often the mistake is obvious and can be corrected easily.