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Inserting Flash/YouTube/Slideshow

The Editor allows you to add Adobe Flash files, YouTube videos, or Slideshows created in webCommunicator in an easy and intuitive way.

Inserting Flash

To insert one of the above elements, select the location of the video in the editing area and press the button on the toolbar. The Flash Properties dialog window that will open lets you set configuration options that define the Flash object's source, its size, display properties, or other advanced properties.

The Flash Properties dialog window includes three tabs that group Flash object options: Info, Advanced, and Flashvars (Flash variables). Only "Info" and a few aspects of "Advanced" are necessary. The rest are optional and recommended for advanced users only.

Below is an overview of all General tab elements:

  • URL - the web address of the Flash object.
  • Slideshow -  list of available slideshows created in webCommunicator.
  • Width - the width of the Flash object in pixels.
  • Height - the height of the Flash object in pixels.
  • Preview - a preliminary view of the selected Flash object formatted according to the options chosen above.

Inserting Your Own Flash File

  1. Click on "Browse Server".
  2. Upload and select the Flash file you wish to insert from the File Manager popup.
  3. You should notice that the Flash element's height and width have been automatically inserted and it is visible in the "Preview" box.  You may edit the height and width if you like.
  4. Set the Auto Play, Loop, and Window Mode options under the "Advanced" tab.
  5. Press "OK" to insert your Flash file.

Inserting a YouTube Video

Press on the YouTube icon  in the edit to insert a YouTube video.

  1. Copy the YouTube video's address from the "Share" tab below the video at www.YouTube.com.
  2. Paste the address in the URL field in the "Paste Youtube Video URL" dialog box.
  3. You may edit the height and width if you like. 
  4. Set the Show Suggested Videos, Enable Privacy-Enhanced Mode, and Use Old Embed Code options.
  5. Press "OK" to insert your YouTube video. 

Inserting a Slideshow

Click on the Slideshow icon  to insert a slideshow.

  1. Note: You must have already created a "Slideshow" under Web Page Management in order to use this function.
  2. Select the desired slideshow from the "select Slideshow" dropdown menu. 
  3. Press "OK" to insert your slideshow.