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Aside from Google Analytics, webCommunicator also has an internal statistics feature. However, for more detailed information we recommend you use Analytics. To begin viewing your stats, go to the "Statistics" bookmark in General Admin.

The first section of Statistics, "Web Page Stats", contains a selection of graphs to display your hits by date and by page. Choose a year to begin. A histogram will appear displaying the hits per month for that year:

From here you may view your statistics by page or click on a month to view the hits per page and hits per day for that month.

Click on "Member Stats" in the toolbar to view your stats by member. This is useful in determining which types of people in your online community use certain pages. It will automatically display the information for the previous month, but you may change the month and year to view the desired stats. You may also view the hits per page for that month. The Member Stats page layout will look like this:

Feel free to explore each section and page of Statistics to find the exact information you need in the right form.