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Payment Options

The Pay options page allows you to determine which modes of payment will be available to registrants.

Number: The number is assigned automatically as you add to the list.

Options: This displays the name of the Payment Option. 

To make changes to the name and options of the payment option, click on its name. You will be taken to the following menu:

Option Name: Allows you to set the name of the payment option.

Notes: Allows you to enter some information about the payment option. For example, for Paypal, it might indicate which bank account receive the funds from Paypal.

Enable Payment: Selecting this check box makes this payment option available for use in your new events.

Currency: Determines which currency you wish to receive payment.

Mode: Indicates whether this Mode of Payment is still in Test Mode or in full working order (Production).

Account/Login: For pay options such as paypal, an email must be associated with the account to enter the account to view the status and balance etc. This is the email that is associated with that Mode of Payment.

Username/Key: This is the login username for the above account.

Password: This is the password for the above account.

Once you have made all necessary changes, select "Update Option" to save the updates.

Enabled: Indicates whether or not this Payment Option is currently available for use.

Note: If you need other payment options to be entered such as a secure payment contact Buz Software.