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Accounts Settings

The Accounts Settings page allows you to personalize the separate financial accounts that your organization would like to use for accounting purposes (can be exported into a .csv file). This is primarily to allow you to track where fees are going, for reporting purposes. The accounts come from your back office. This allows you to indicate who the fees associated with an event registration, or parts of the charge within an event registration, are assigned to. For example, if you have a Fun Day and are offering lunch and a tournament, you might want to assign the fees from the lunch to the kitchen, and the fees from the tournament to the Tournament Fee Account.

The below listed Accounts are examples taken from the BuzDemo site:

List AccountsThis is the default menu when you open the Accounts Settings page.

Number: The numbers are automatically assigned as you add Accounts to the list. It is assigned by alphabetical ordering of the Account Names.

Del: Allows you to delete and the associated Account by clicking on the "x".

AccountThis is the name of the Account, which you choose when Adding a new Account.

Clicking on this name will allow you to edit the name of the Account, and the Account Code. When you are finished editing the name, simply click on "Update Account" to save the changes.

Add AccountsThis menu allows you to add a new Account.

Account NameThis is the name of the Account you are entering into the system.

Account Code: This is the code associated with the new Account.