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Surveys are useful for getting feedback and opinions from your members to help manage a website, business or club. Your surveys are listed in the Surveys bookmark under Buz CMS.

To begin creating a survey press the "New Survey" button in the toolbar.  The following form will appear:

  1. Enter the survey name.
  2. Choose the survey type. (Poll: one question, appears directly in survey component. Questionnaire: multiple questions with a link to it in the survey component)
  3. Will people be able to see the results after they answer?
  4. Click the survey page you would like it to appear on.
  5. Select the start date from the drop down calendar.
  6. Select the end date from the drop down calendar.
  7. Put a description here. (This field is not necessary.)

Click on "Proceed to the Next Step" to add questions to your survey. Text fields will appear for you to enter your question and answers:

Just insert a question into the top field and then as many as five answers in the fields below. Press "Add Question" to move on. If you set this survey as a Poll than a message will appear informing you that you may only enter one question. If you chose a questionnaire, you will be able to create more. When you are done adding questions, return to the survey list by clicking "List Surveys" in the toolbar.

In your list of surveys you may press the "Results" button to view the results of the corresponding survey. Click the survey name to edit it.

NOTE: In order to provide access to the surveys you have created for your members you must have a survey page for them to appear on. You may also have a survey component on another page for even easier access to polls and questionnaires.