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Check for Problems

If your operation uploads additional information such as member data, tee times or account information, this should be the first tool you use in the event of a problem.

This feature allows you to immediately check for problems concerning the integrity of uploaded data or web connections. Select the desired options and run the report. Some options may not be available, or may not offer results depending on what features are installed on your website.

  • General Website Settings: are always checked.
  • Uploaded User Database: will verify that there is a full member database uploaded to the server, so that all members - even those who have not signed in yet - have a username and password for the website.
  • Online User Database: makes sure that there is a separate database of all the users who have already visited and signed in to the website.
  • Tee Time Database: checks to make sure there is a tee time database uploaded to the site.
  • WebRez Connection: verifies the connection of your site to WebRez, so that reservation information continues to flow between your reservation system and the website.
  • Account Inquiry:

Simply press "Check Selected Components" to begin the checking process. A message will appear if a feature is not working.

This tool should be utilized once daily, just to ensure that  everything is in place. If ever you find that one component is not running, do not hesitate to send in a trouble ticket with your problem and we will look into it immediately. The sooner we hear about the problem, the sooner we can take action, and the sooner your customers will have full access to all of the features of your site again.